About Us

  Hodgkiss Construction is owned and operated by world renowned carpenter Jon Hodgkiss. My background in precision fabrication of wood and metal gives us an advantage over our competitors. Having grown up around the racing industry I don't measure by 1/16. I measure by the thousandth. With me personally working in the field on a weekly basis it allows our tecniques and designs to constantly evole.  Our dedication and professionalism are clearly evident in our finished products. I spend countless hours looking for new products and tools to insure we stay on the cutting edge of construction technology.

Advanced capabilities

We are the WORLD’S Finest Custom Deck Designer and Builder PERIOD! Having our own custom designed equipment for bending and our advanced knowledge of structural engineering allow us to construct radical designs with ease. Building the finest most uniquely designed decks in the world is something I personally take great pride in doing. We have specialized in curved projects and jobs that incorporate unique engineering challenges from the very beginning.  The projects you see on this website represent less than 5% of what my personal skill set and equipment are capable of. Hodgkiss Construction and Johnny Huck designs represent the absolute pinnacle of WORLD-CLASS deck designs and construction.

Why Choose Us

 At Hodgkiss Construction we constantly research new products and building techniques to insure we are able to quickly design unique solutions to even the most complex problems. When you call Hodgkiss Construction for your design consultation and quote, either I or my father personally come to your home. I am not a salesman, I am a world class carpenter and metal fabricator with extensive knowledge of every aspect of residential construction. I will explain to you the various design options that are available. I will explain how our product is built, and I will also explain why our construction techniques are superior to anything else available. We provide a basic top down dimensioned outline of the potential project free of charge, beyond that we offer fee-based advanced design services and renderings. Inorder for us to provide effective realistic designs, we require an estimated project budget so we can design accordingly.

When you call Hodgkiss Construction, you will get the following:

  • We will show up on time

  • We will build exactly what we say we will

  • You deal directly with the owner, so there is no chain of command

  • The finished product will far exceed your expectations

  • You have the peace of mind knowing you have hired the best

  • Due to our fully equipped metal and wood working facilities, we are able to cut, bend, weld, and fabricate a wide variety of materials from exotic hard woods to stainless steel.

  • Being a certified Trex Pro Platinum installer, all factory warranty's will be honored

We offer tremendous value to our clients due to the following:

  • We have the most efficient building techniques

  • We have all of the latest equipment

  • We design and build projects that increase your homes value

  • We design and build projects that last for DECADES


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